Looking for Yii Developer (2-5 years)

We are a startup and looking for dedicated experienced Yii developer. Since we are at initial phase we can’t give any monitoring benefits. This position will be on equity/shares basis.

We have already developed the base product and doing good in market, so we need a person/partner who can work with us as a part time and will get the secure position in the company.

Company profile: http://www.testunity.com

Interested person, please comment here or mail me at ranjan@testunity.com




As a successful Php//Mysql programmer with 8+ years of experience in Php, I am confident that I would excel as a good Team leader and programmer for Your Company.My background in Core Programing in PHP 5/MySql 5 and using various Opensource framework tools like (Wordpress, Symfony, Jquery, Yii etc) will allow me to make numerous contributions to your company’s success.

The accompanying resume provides an overview of my skills and accomplishments. I am very interested in learning more about the php position at Your Company

Arun P


Hey there!

We are small web development company, and I see you look Yii developers. I have them. You can contact me via e-mail: a.boiba@vironit.com, or just visit our page here: vironit.com/

Hi Ranjan,

From your name you sound indian. I am from bangle and conduct my business in both mumbai and bangalore. Yii released its yii 2 latest version during April end thus year and this is completly and diferent framework then yii 1. Many developers here hv very basic experience in Yii 1 and they bran about being experts in Yii 2. Before investing give then a simple task to create and yoy will get to know their real skills.

We hv already developed our crm in yii 2 with PHP 7.0.10 with 11 world’s major xml api integrations of travel companies and making the site live this weekend. It’s not a easy begining but a awesome framework for security. Wanna discuss more


Skype: Olivier.spears

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