Looking for tabular view

Hi There,

I am looking for tabular view something similar to the one at Yii Extension page . Anybody knows if there exist such extension or other people have done that before?

Thanks very much !

What do you mean with tabular view?

If you want to collect easier tabular input, see this extension (for table in form).


Thanks for your reply…

I mean the view (3x5 square boxes with pagination support) at the Yii extension front page…

Is it something further customized from CGridView?

I’m afraid you’ll have to write your own widget for that. CListView might be a good starting point. It might be as easy as extending that class and overwriting the renderItems() method.

You can use CListView, with a simple trick.

Set the pagination to 15 items per page, and in the _view use:


your content here


<?php if ($index%5 ==4): //each 5 items?>


<?php endif;?>

Please notice that I didn’t tested it, and you may need to adjust the ($index%5 ==4)