Looking for reviewers for Yii 1.1 Application Development Cookbook (free review copies)

Hi, I am Jitesh, and I work with Packt. Packt has recently released Yii 1.1 Application Development Cookbook, written by Alexander Makarov.

We seek reviewers for this book. If you have a fair knowledge of Yii, and are interested in reviewing the book, then I’d be glad to send you an ecopy of it. I’ve attached a sample chapter for your reference.

You may contact me on my email address: jiteshg@packtpub.com for more details.

Thank you :)

That’s a great deal, too bad that I already bought this book and I would probably be terrible at reviewing. But I think I will probably try at least to do a small review just for practice and because this is a great book. Well at least I will submit a typos I found in the final book (tomorrow or after tomorrow probably as I still have three chapters left) :)

Sure! I’m glad that you liked the book. Don’t forget to send me the link when you have reviewed it :)

Hey I have the chance to be doing the review on it :-). You can check the preview on my blog (Check on my profile; my first posts can not include a link :frowning: )

Interesting. Publishers typically seek reviewers before they publish, to catch typos and such. This may explain some things with the Packt books :) .