Looking For Programmers Around Atlanta, Ga

Looking for Yii programmers. Compensation will be given.

We are a registered company, with a goal to create an innovative market based platform for information transfer online. Basically we have created a system that has the potential to be an extremely effective place to get answers to all your questions, surpassing other options available on the internet today.

We launched a small beta site last week to see how effective our platform could be. We saw staggering results.

  1. In five days 100 users signed up for our site… with barely any marketing.

  2. Everyone that signed up so far has stayed, 100% return rate.

  3. Some users have spent hours on the site each day answering questions, and have already surpassed 40 answers individually.

  4. roughly 110 pages of very unique content has been created by our users so far, (note pages include answers from many users)

My team and I after seeing the results of our beta site are under the impression that our site could expand quickly over time and especially once we start marketing it.

Basically we’re looking to create a strong team of programmers so that we’ll be able and ready to handle the growth of our site. We would want new programmers to help perfect and expand the site.

We have connections to Venture capitalists and once the site is more established we plan to seek some capital.

If your interested, email me at jimmyzhong1234@gmail.com or Skype jimmyzhong1234

Thank you,

Jimmy Zhong