Looking for partners

Hi there,

My name is Stélios, I’m looking for business partners. But first let me tell you a little bit about myself and my vision :)

I’m from Canada/Montreal and I just looove to code. It’s so fun and challenging! When I was a child I always had a gift for constructing complex mental models in my head and then build crazy inventions in my room. Then I discovered coding in high school… I knew I wanted to do this for the rest of my life. So I when to college in software development and met who is now a good friend of mine and my current business partner Jhon.

After college, I started my own business with the regular “1 to 1” model which is “One business, One new Website”. I was writing a site for a business, then start all over for a new client… I soon realised the redundancy of such model, without even talking about the update nightmare. I didn’t want to use a platform like WordPress or Magento, because I wanted to be totally free in my design and expansion.

This is where we have decided to build our own "Magento" CRM/E-commerce platform using Yii1. With my current business model of B2B, we want to bring the power of cloud website to Montreal and in time, the world.

Our focus is "Web Applications"!

We are in a world of fierce competition for the web market… but there are still a lot of money to be made in "application development" then democratizing it in the cloud.

A good example of that is a smart “inventory importer”. Regular E-Commerce platform are using a simple CSV importer. We don’t!

We have developed a "REST client" that is hosted at our customer server and have local access to their MySQL "ERP". We request and encrypt everything on the fly to sync our website to their current inventory in real-time. Long story short, we ask 2000$ for the implementation of this interface, and already have a customer ready to sign the contract to implement this new feature currently in test.

"Web Application" in the cloud is the future!

I took some screenshots of the platform, note that this is still in development… B)

Please contact me at stelios@gtbentreprise.com so we can chat O0