Looking for paid Yii 1.1.x tutor or developer preferably Manila-based

I’m an undergrad in desperate need of a Yii 1.1.x tutor or someone who could help me build a web app using Yii 1.1.x.

I want to familiarize myself in using web frameworks for my future career. With this in mind, I’m thinking of starting to learn building a usual user account-based web application intended for university use.

I consider myself as having average knowledge on PHP and OOP, as well as SQL. I’ve also read some books about Yii but I easily get lost on how each piece of code works.

Looking for someone who can clearly explain the framework while actually helping me build my first application. If interested, kindly leave a reply. Thanks a lot!


I’ve created following manual (has 2 parts) and I can help with basics (folder structure, CGridView, modules, models, validation, rules, scenarios, relations, ajax, css, NetBeans etc) … mostly it is written in the manual.


I can also answer your questions. I understand it is not easy to start with a framework - it took me 1 month to understand what Yii wants me to do. It was my first PHP framework.

How about Python for web development?