Looking for one or two Yii Teammates!

Hi Everyone.  I'm currently building a pretty cool project for some friends of mine.  Because they're friends and because I'm nice - I'm doing the project for free!  It's a great chance for me to learn Yii and also help out my friends.  I'm also trying out the Aptana IDE and Cloud hosting solution.

The site an interactive art collective.  There are about 10 artists who will all have profiles.  Each artist can upload projects.  Here are the wireframes that I did:


I'd like someone to help me with the "My Projects" section of the site - where the artists upload their projects in the admin area.  I could also use help embedding a Wordpress blog seamlessly into the site.  I've designed the database and I have started on the administrative sections of the site… a lot of it is customizing the CRUD operations and using jQuery to make it nice and smooth.

We put a lot of work and planning into the site and I'm trying to have it finished my May 27th.  I'm looking for someone who is skilled in PHP/Yii - and if you have good front-end skills with CSS that's a big plus!

I would absolutely love some help on this.

I also have quite a bit of paid work - If I find a good partner to work with I'll be happy to include you on some other paid stuff as well.


I'd be happy to help out. You can contact me at BiosElement((at))gmail*com.

Would be nice, my e-mail is ing.espitaleta at gmail.com.

Best regards!


I just found out about Yii today. Looking at it, i liked it a lot. Am new to the Framework just a few hours old in here.

I have a project that am starting with two other friends. I have been using Kohana for a while now and I liked it. I was looking for a framework that can power a potentially large website. I would like to have one more hand to help with setting up and future works on it possibly. I would like to work with either an experienced Php/Yii, Jquery and Ajax enthusiast or someone who knows his way around Yii.

This project would go live a month after we start so it would be nice if you have some time like a week or two to work together on it. Basically I have most of the design sliced in major CSS2 and 3 as its for the future and it involves lots of Ajax/JQuery. I have also sliced it in HTML5 and CSS3 and tested it on Safari4 Opera10.10 and Firefox. So far everything looks good on Opera and hopefully other browsers will fall into place before 2023(awww! that hurts).

Please email me if you want to be part of it. I will be waiting to hear from you.


did you notice that you are responding to a post from 2009 and that user is not active anymore on this forum ?