looking for long-term helper for ERP system


I’m looking for a helper in my long-term project. it’s a bigger task. It will last for months. however I would like to finish it as soon as possible, I hope, with Yii, it will not last that much. I’m very busy all the time so I don’t have much time to deal with this that’s why I need help. When the major part of the project is finished, we begin to test it, but I’m sure it will not need much testing. Beacuse this will be the 3rd version of the project so I think I have enough information in my mind about how the project should work.

the nature of help depends on the circumstances. how much time I have, how fast I learn. I want to learn. I want to understand how Yii works, or rather, how to make a really good web based application. an important point would be for me, to get help as fast as possible when I need it (I’m almost all day online with skype) but I think it’ll be not a full-time job. Most of cases I will try to solve everything. Maybe, I can imagine, there can be situations for you to write some codes and of course if you have a good idea about the application or design structure, it’s very welcome.

a few thoughts about the project: I’m working for a company that produces products from sheet metal. we have punching machines and bending machines and welders and painters and that’s the project to make a web based application with mysql in the background. the application has to be able to help the production with informations as much as possible. there are 7 major points in my mind after 2 versions (the 2nd version is running right now for a few years now):

  1. the first major improvement that the core has to be built on the nested set sql structure for best flexibility. we have to find a way to make a good appilcation to show such data in a very userfriendly way with the possibility to change the trees. I know there is a module for it, but I’m sure the nested set will have to be shown in a special way. this will be also a nice piece of work.

  2. the second, that somehow I would like to use the comet technique if possible to broadcast new informations in realtime (but this is not SO important).

  3. I need a very good user handling system with adjustable rights, I mean which user has rights and what kind of rights to change or add or delete informations from the database (I think "rights" module will be fine)

  4. the 4th is that certain elements of the application has to be customizable (for example, number of machines, types of machines and so on)

  5. the new application has to be much faster than the actual one.

  6. multiple language support (I have tried translations module - seems good to me, however unfortunately it seems to me that is overriding language setting of user module)

  7. a good forum with live chat that can handle elements of the base web application. for example if we are chatting about a certain product, the name or article number of the product should become clickable for the users to be able to check it. or for a production serial number and so on.

I’m in daylight saving time GMT+1 Middle-East Europe

Hi I Siva,

having 4yrs exp in php /mysql yii/zend/codeignter…etc

I am interested to work with you.

YOu can contact me here sivat1985@gmail.com