Looking for learning material on Yii 3

Our team will most probably skip Yii 2 and convert our old web app directly to Yii 3 instead. Is there a place we can find good learning material about the fundamental design decisions and the architecture of Yii 3? Preferably in the form of videos. Possibly, our company could sponsor the creation of such material. Reading the code base and example application is good, but it’s a bit hard to transfer that knowledge to the entire team. Basically, we’d have to make our own lecture series internally. :slight_smile: I’d rather see material that everyone can benefit from. :slight_smile:


There are docs in the making: https://github.com/yiisoft/docs

Also, Yii news: https://opencollective.com/yiisoft/updates

Then this forum.

No, there’s nothing yet in form of videos.

That’s good idea. We can do it, I think.

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Thanks, Sam! It’s hard to get the whole team to read something. That’s why video lectures are better - we can sit together, drink some soda and watch the video. :slight_smile:

can i use the yii3 in my projects?

Well, you can but it is not stable yet. We still can break things in the process.

I would like to know when the stable version can be released. I’m looking forward to it :blush:

I know yii3 timeline is a touchy subject… but actually Im not worried about it as much now…

I know its one deal but the craftcms (who has paid for about half of yii collective) with W3C is a very big thing. It means yii2 will be the undelying framework for W3C for at least 2-3 years. Which “hopefully” means a stream of people going… hmmm whats W3C using, hmmm whats craftcms, oh its built on yii2… never heard of them but lets check out it out. At the very least it will give Yii dev workshops plenty of marketing ammo particularly going after government/NGO contracts.

So… that means yii2 is going to be super well maintained with frequent updates for several years. My view is not how fast we get an official yii3 version, its a yii3 version that makes the migration from
yii2 as painless and easy as possible. What we want is to push a button and hey presto its been migrated :slight_smile: Ok wont be that easy but you get my drift.

That will help to ensure people dont go to other php frameworks i.e. Laravel which will secure yii3 for years to come.

Apologies for long winded reply :slight_smile:


Well, I’m afraid that’s not possible. Yii 3 is quite different conceptually. But yes, we’re going to have migration guides etc.