Looking For Idea In Order To Make Easy The Selection Whit Plenty Of Choices

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for some ideas in order make easy the selection than a user should do in a creation or update form.

listBox is a good way to do it easily, however when there are a lot of possible choices, listBox becomes not very ergonomic for user. So I’m looking for some idea to make it easy and simple.

A notice, my form is displayed in a dialog box.

My first Idea was to open another dialog box, when clicking on a link beside the label, where I’ll display something making easy the selection but I don’t know if it’s technically possible.

Rely on you =D.

Idea and technical way to implement it would be appreciated.

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Yep :D, thanks =)

Dear Friend

One suggestion is to use grid with checkboxes in a dialog.

Kindly check whether the following thread is useful.

Cjuidialog, Foreign Key Cgridview Filtering


Check these extensions:




I checked these extensions which are good when the form is not in a dialog… my form are in dialog which is opened every time a user want to create or edit an entry…

The form is launched in dialog through an IFrame then not using javascript. I guess I could open a second Dialog in order to choose a list of object (when there are a lot of object available). This dialog using javascript this time… what do you think about it ? And in this new Dialog I could display something that you suggest with extension.