Looking for help with migration to YII

We are in the process of migrating our fully functioning internal CRM/Payroll/Marketing system to Yii and could use some help.

We have redone our data model and starting to look at Yii. Our current team needs to keep maintaining our existing system but would really like to have someone rebuild in Yii so we can port to a more flexible framework.

Obviously ensuring the Model is solid to start will make life easier down the road so I would like to hire someone to review/build the basic Model and the initial CRUD interface and then ease into contract work as needed once migration is complete.

Hi, I founded an italian company that works with and likes Yii, and we developed an mountain activities search engine by means of Yii (See at muntagnin.it).

Furthermore, I was the technical reference for the project Jobville (see at jobville.it).

If you are interested, send me an e-mail to paolo@litrosoft.com.


Paolo C. Pomi


Have you finished migrating the internal system to Yii? I’m always interested to hear about migrations to the platform. We recently built an open source CRM app on Yii and wanted to find out how others have run CRM on Yii also. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.