Looking For Great Yii Developer

Dear you,

I am looking for yii developer to help me with one project, $15/h. The project will last about one or two month. You must have developed more than 370k lines of yii/php code in the past 3 years. There is nothing you haven’t done in web development area.

Here is the interview question:

in a web application, there are

  • plan1, plan2, and plan3

  • feature1, feature2, feature3,… featureN

  • role1, role2, and role3, …, role-customized,

  • action1, action2… actionX

Different role can have different action, and role -> action is customizable

different role should have different UI elements.

different plan allows different roles, UI elements, and different features

What are the DB structure to implement the above requirement?

I am looking forward to working with great developers.

  • Nicolas

Dear Partner,

I would surely provide you assistance for your requirement feel free mail me ram.kumar(at)optisolbusiness.com

We have 70+ working in Optisol Business Solution

We have excellent portfolio and references in USA. We can give client references on request.

I look forward to hearing from you…




Hello Nicolas,

I am Steve, representing the PHP Development team at Daffodil Software. As an experienced development outsourcing company, we have a team of skilled Yii developers who can assist you in developing applications and can also provide dedicated team of full time Yii resources to work on your projects.

To discuss this in detail, please contact me at steve@daffodilsw.com.

Best Regards,

Steve | Associate Manager - Business Development

Daffodil Software Ltd.

370k lines?


DB structure.zip

Here we go - this should work, can’t seem to PM

Please feel free to reach me via PM

Can you pass your contact details. I can’t seem to have permissions to PM you.

370klines of code in 3 years = about 600 lines of code per workday. Admitting 8 hours per workday, that is just 75 loc per hour, or 1.25 loc per minute.

There are days that I do more than 1kloc, but these are special cases.

All of that for $15/hour, so $0.20/loc or about $25000/year - all charges included.

(Some of ) these numbers surprise me.

Wouldn’t you rather hire someone who can implement your functionality in as few lines as possible?

Less bugs, faster… seems weird to use LOC as a measure of anything, really.