Looking for experience Yii 2 developer (Malaysia)

Hi Yii developers,

We are going to set up a new development company in Malaysia and currently have a massive project on hand and it will be developed using Yii 2.


  1. One lead programmer

  2. two senior programmers

Minimum skill set requirements:

1)Have a very good understanding of OOP and MVC structure.

2)At least 5 years of PHP development experience.

3)At least 1 year of development experience using any framework (Zend, cake, codeig etc.)

4)At least 2 years of Yii 1 development experience.

5)Able to plan / design workflow / and start things from scratch.

I know Yii 2 has just been released not very long ago, so if you have already started using it then it will be a big plus for the job.

Because we are a new company, this first project is make or break of our company, so we are hoping to recruit committed, very skillful, and hardworking developers to join us. We are even planning to give away small portion of company share as incentive when we have successfully delivered our first project within 6-12 months.

If you are really interested in this new challenge, please email your resume and expected salary to: kayvin86[at]live.com

[color="#FF0000"][Note]: Thanks for the email responses, just to be clear that, at the moment, we are recruiting full-time developers, and candidates will need to be based at our workplace in Malaysia (KL/PJ Area)[/color]

Best regards,