Looking For Dropdown Menu With Cmenu

Hi everybody!

This is my first topic!

I’m looking for a way to do a drop-down submenus with the CMenu class. I’ve seeing the documentation and I can’t found anything, only this page: http://www.yiiframework.com/wiki/525/customizing-the-cmenu-widget/ .

Here, de documentation specify how we can to apply a style class for submenu but not how we can do a drop-down menu.

I’ve seen extensions like MBmenu (or something like this) but my question is. Exists any easy way to do drop-down menus with de CMenu class?


You may try to post this in the right forum (for Yii v1.x). This forum is for Yii v2.0 discussions only. Yii2 has a Menu class and does not have a CMenu class.

If you are interested in dropdown based on Yii 2.0 Menu you may look at my SideNav extension OR use a similar concept.

Ok, thank you. I’ll try it