Looking for devs crazy about productivity

Some time ago I created form filler (kind of chrome extension to quickly go through forms in web UI of your app) called Filly (https://fill.ly/). Backend of app was obviously created in Yii2 :slight_smile: Week by week I has been adding new features that may be helpful for developers. All of them are created because I felt I need something like this in my daily work.

So this filler allows you:

  1. Save demanded form on any webpage - let’s say you build “Add product page” and you have to run it multiple time to verify if everything is ok. You may save basic data about product: name, description and plenty of other fields.
  2. Restore form state with one hotkey
  3. Map domain to support many instances of the same app. Let’s say you tested “Add product page” on your myapp.local and now want to check it on stage[dot]myapp[dot]com - if you map domains you’ll automatically have forms shared between different domains.
  4. Share forms in the team. If you work on the app with other people you can create team, setup common domains and you’ll automatically have everything synchronized.

It’s kind of missing piece between automated tests (which I support with all my heart) and manual clicking which is also necessity.
If you work on any app that has a lot of CRUD-s than I would be more than happy if you use it. Also you can PM if you need more info.



How about Firefox?

Hi Tomasz, thanks for asking. I used to support both browsers mainly because Firefox allowed to install the extension on mobile which was extremely cool. However maintaining both versions turned out to be very time-consuming and there were no users so I decided to stop doing it for a while.
Right now I’m 100% focused on finding users for Chrome version and ideally teams that want to use team-collaboration features.

I think about enabling the Firefox version in the next 2 months because more people are asking about it.
If you want signup to the newsletter https://fill.ly/subscribe - and I’ll definitely inform when this is ready.