Looking For Calendar Extension For Hotel Reserves Etc...

Hi everyone,

I need an extension to display for example 12 calendars (one for each month of the year) in order to show if one day is available or not , or whatever… I looked for some calendar extensions but no one has that I’m looking for… Does anyone knows about something like this?

Thanks ;)

nobody? If I don’t find nothing I’m gonna use php code without using yii extensions, so in that case , what do you think about it? Is a bad idea?

I don’t know how to make an extension if I develope the code in order to share it with the community…

But I’m really shocked about this, because I thought that for sure yii have an extension for this purpose…


I am personally shocked that you haven’t been able to find one. ;)


I’ve already seen those extensions, but as I said in my first post, I’m looking for an extension that displays twelve calendars (one for each month of the current year) in order to use them for reservations , etc…

Do you know now what I meant?

Take a look at fullcalendar js library. AFAIK there’s an extension for it, however, you may use it as any other js library, without a need in extension.

There’re also paid js solutions, ready right away for what you need, that you may find on the Internet.