Looking for an interesting project Yii2 or Laravel

(V Webdeveloper) #1

Hi, everyone!

Right now I’ve succesfully finished several huge Yii projects (as a senior dev and team-lead as well). And looking

for new exciting opportunitites (since the usual support on previous projects takes less time, than I’ve ecpected,

since we’ve done everything correctly from the 1st time).

Shortly about technology and area of expertise

  • Experience in development of LAMP(PHP/Yii 1/2/Zend 1 and 2/Laravel/Symfony 2)- based complex business applications

for 7 years

  • Experience in automated QA of complex web-based software for 4 years
  • Experience in load/stress testing and fine-tuning complex PHP-based software for large traffic.
  • Javascript (jQuery, angularJS, Ajax)
  • mySQL, postgresSQL, noSQL
  • Experience with backend and API for mobile applications
  • responsive html coding and front-end works are also not a problem :slight_smile:
  • Real-estate, medical, insurance and transport industries

Ready for long-terms and exciting projects. Can work in a team (create my own or in yours). PM me or simple send an

email to v.webdeveloper@yahoo.com. Also skype is stanislav_grigoriev

Thanks for your attention :slight_smile:

(Lubosdz) #2

Could you please explain a little “right now I have finished several huge projects”?
To my experience a “huge project” (I worked on) took me about 5-12 months to complete.
How could you do “several at the same time” ?
It raises doubts about yours - otherwise interestingly looking - experience.

(V Webdeveloper) #3

hey, Lubosdz. Not at the same time, probably you are right, better to say during last 12 months. Exactly today launching healthcare CRM|ERP system, worked with 2 other devs on this project during last 8 months. Another one “big” for me was launched earlier this year. Just some add-ons still apear and for me it’s like it’s still in active phase of development