Looking for an experienced Yii2 Developer + Servers + Database + ...(long term job)


We are extremely busy (me & my wife only) to develop a small website business about ONLINE DIRECTORIES & CLASSIFIED ADS :

Open source CMS (installation, php modification, upgrade, optimization …)



List of Categories, Locations

Set up Admin panel

online Marketing (big jobs !!)


We use an open source CMS (php) but we have just chosen Yii2 Framework to develop our small business (25+ sites later on) …

We have found a classified ads software built on Yii2 Framework (no bugs and clean code according to developer reviews)

We plan to use that software as a base to upgrade it for our online directories / Classified ads (we are open to other options)

I am looking for an experienced Web Developer with hands-on experience :

  • Yii Framework

  • Servers

  • Databases

We don’t need any fast development but week-ends won’t be enough to perform such job (see details below) and we are looking for a developer for long term services (10+ years)

We pay services by wire transfer or Paypal (EURO or USD), open to other options …


1) Framework :

Yii2 Framework

Update location fields (text/dropdown fields)

Update Yii2

Yii2 Optimizations

2) Template / Theme (html5/css3/Bootstrap/Responsive, minor modification only) :

Update fields : dropdown/text fields for location + one check box (post listing page / edit listing in user dashboard / search widget)

Update one Check box

3) Extensions :

Clean / modular / readable code

New Payment gateways / providers (no Yii2 extension, but Github php library + Developer Docs)

Simple Private message (one-to-one user, NO shared files) but we might intergrate external services instead

Redirect users/visitors to Login/Register page

Simple store to download few PDF templates

Calendar of Events




DB tools (see "servers" below)

4) Database :

MySQL, MariaDB

Mongodb, crud, …

See "servers" below

5) Servers :

Cloud / Dedicated hosting servers


Yii2 installation

Extensions: Refelection, PCRE, SPL, Ctype, …

cpanel/vhm, Linux commands

Apache, PHP7, …

Clouflare CDN, Cache, Nginx, Accelerators, …

Load Balancing


loading speed / Optimizations (concurrent users)

Cron Jobs

Email Systems

Assist Migrattion of Yii2 websites to new servers when required (hosting servers fully managed)

So far, we don’t have any plan for Mobile Apps (too busy and …)

If you are interested in joining our project for long term services (10+ years), you are very welcome …

Thank you & Regards,


Hi Chris,

I’m interested. Please add me over Skype " cis.victor1 " or write me an email at " victor.cisin10@gmail.com " to discuss further.



[color=#1C2837][size=2]Hi Chris,[/size][/color]



[color="#1C2837"][size=2]Its seems quite interesting. I have developed 3 yii projects and 2 yii2 projects [/size][/color][color="#1C2837"][size=2]from scratch [/size][/color][color="#1C2837"][size=2]. If you still looking for person please contact me in skype. chandrantwins. If you want to test my skill also… i am ready to prove i am well qualified for your project,[/size][/color]




[color=#1C2837][size=2]Chandran Nepolean[/size][/color]

Hi Chris,

We are experienced web developer in yii and yii2 you can contact to us for any kind of help we are eager to listen from you

Thanking you,


skype: smci786

Hi, we are a company from Greece, and we are available. An example of our projects is https://newdemo.akadim.gr, which is something similar to easyAds concerning the backend environment, so we are over qualified for your requirements. If you are interested get in touch with us. If you are interested we can sent to you a username/password to check