Looking For A Great Yii Tutor

I am looking for a Yii tutor to help speed my understanding of the language (the way it hooks into AJAX etc would be advantageous too)

I have been a systems manager for some years, developed a number of LAMP based projects in the past, and now need to get up to speed ASAP for a new Yii based venture.

I need this to be a “Hands On” training, with a series of “lessons”, that follow the requirements of the proposed project. I’ll begin each with a definition of what I need to achieve. You then advise on how to best achieve this, provide necessary links, then be on hand for any issues or questions that I run into. You may well need to look at my code, but I will not expect you to author code.

This will be a fixed price venture. I’d see the first round of lessons being about 4-6 in total, starting mid next week if possible, and being conducted largely by e-mail. It’s quite possible that the time requirement on you will be quite small (as I am usually pretty self-sufficient), but a fast response time is very important as I need to progress quickly.