Looking 7+Years Of Exp In Yii


We are looking for Yii developer who having 7+ years of experience. Please send updated resume and code sample to my skype / gmail ( alexshansam@gmail.com / alexshansam ).


Yii was released on December 3, 2008, so you should wait at least for 2 years :D

@ORey - i came here for such reply and i was not disappointed, have my +1 :D

ORey, twisted1919: No, no. You got that all wrong. OP is clearly looking for a team of programmers with more than seven years of Yii experience accumulated. Sheesh, you guys are jumping to conclusions way too soon :rolleyes:

Maybe they are looking for a year developer with 7+ years of generic PHP experience???

I have about 2 years with Prado, Yii’s brother, so that could add up to 7 years . But, maybe waiting for another 2 years is a good idea as Yii2 will have been rolled out.

I would rather recommend "12+ months in Yii development (and some conditions)".

I believe that we don’t need a whole lot of 7 years to be a good programmer in Yii.

Instead, “some conditions” might be critical. :)

I do have 7+ years php experience, but just a bit more than 2 years in Yii. Btw Yii is not around for 7 years.