Look A Developer To Help Me

Hi for every one

Im a beginner in yii framework.

I need a yii project of management school, for manage students, teachers and parents.

which parents can access to result and absence of student.

someone can to help me ? please give me your skype or reply by email post

My budget is just a 50 $.


With 50 dollars you can hire someone a few hours.

If you want to develop a site with that money you have 2 choices. Learn Yii or any other framework/programming language or use a CMS.


Skype: rosomaha2311

What do you mean by help? Someone to give you advice?

You can contact me @ skype : cubet.minju

can u give me your gmail address please I am interested to work.


Please reach me here for more assistance in learning of Yii.


My gmail address : minju.remanan@cubettech.com

skype : cubet.minju

Contect me on ishanshah1991@gmail.com or ishanshah1991 skype.