Long Url Gives 400 Error On Openshift

I’m writing app on OpenShift with Cloud9. And I found error while testing app. If URL is to long, server gives error 400.

My config setting for this route is:







And some links…

http://main-abcdefghijklm.rhcloud.com/abcdefg/panel/random/12827737/1234567890123.jpg <= link is working

http://main-abcdefghijklm.rhcloud.com/abcdefg/panel/random/12827737/12345678901234.jpg <= link is not working

http://main-abcdefghijklm.rhcloud.com/abcdefg/panel/r/12827737/12345678901234.jpg <= link is working

More info about error…

Bad Request

Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.

Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.



Which browser do you use?

I’m using all major browsers to test (sometimes also those with small percent of market).

It get to me when I turn off computer :D It was not URL problem, but domain cookies. I already bombed server with cookies at the end of limit, but when I did change cookies name from 1 to 12345678901234 (example) I crossed the line.

So this is not Yii error. It was error of really tired guy :D