Long term project - reliable and flexible developer/team needed


we are looking to bring in another team to one of our key accounts. This is a complex YII 1 and 2 setup with several servers and databases, including QA and production servers. YII is used for both back- and frontend applications, and the site(s) are constantly being improved with new features being added. There is also a constant stream of updates and smaller tasks to be done. You need to have expertise with MySQL (reasonable enough to be able to tune some bottlenecks) and Linux (not a sysadmin pro, but not just a "user" either) as well.

This is not a full time job, but it will take some time to get into this project. Furthermore, you will need to integrate with the existing team. Depending on proficiency, you will be working from 10 to as many as 80 hours per month.

We expect reliability in terms of deadlines and availability, and a general response time of a few hours maximum - typically there will be no stress from the client, and tasks and projects can be planned well in advance - but once a schedule is being given (coordinated with you), you need to stick to it and communicate and work accordingly.

We will -only- work with people who live within at most 2 hours of Vienna time and are available during reasonable office hours, OR people from Russia or Kasachstan. You must have very good English or German language skills.

We have been in business since 1980, and above all we appreciate gentleman agreements. We keep our word, and we expect you to keep yours. The same applies to the particular client, and as such we have an even higher interest to keep our immaculate reputation.

This is an interesting project for anyone (even a small team) who likes developing using YII - it is not a trivial project, and it will guarantee work for years to come.

Anyone interested please feel free to get in touch, please introduce yourself shortly:

  • who you are

  • where you are from

  • your experience

  • what kind of availability you can offer

  • your financial expectations

thank you very much.

Hello Managing Person,


It would be a pleasure for me to work with you and successfully accomplished the projects in the same domain.

I am having an experience of +5 years in Web Programming and I have an excellent track record of client satisfaction and giving quality work to the mentioned deadlines.

You can also connect me on Skype: austin@cisinlabs.com or email me: austin.efi1@gmail.com, so we can communicate further.

Looking for your response.

Warm Regards,

Austin W.

Hi! We are a European company with 8+ years of experience in Yii framework.

Our developing centre is situated in Ukraine and HQ - in Berlin so for us it won’t be a problem to communicate with your team.

We collaborate with individuals and entrepreneurs. Our history of productively working with clients from Western Europe, the USA, and the UAE gives us great pride in satisfying the needs of the most demanding customers. We are the IT Masters with over 8 years of web development experience that enables us to fulfil orders quickly and efficiently.

Our dedicated team is a community of unique time-proven experts united by a common goal: the creation of modern, effective applications that enhance business for our clients.

Your success is our success!

You can contact us per email info@itmaster-soft.com or per Skype office.itmaster



I checked your post detail and can help you further

Having 10+ years of experience into Development, Advanced Customization, Building Modules, UI/UX Design & Setup

We can get in touch further on email deepvyas71@gmail.com or Skype - deepvyas71

Please get through below introduction in short:

  • who you are - Freelancer

  • where you are from - India +05:30 GMT

  • your experience - 12+ years

  • what kind of availability you can offer - 08:00 hours daily

  • your financial expectations - Sent personally

Please let me know, if you have any concern



Hi there,

  • who you are- Technical Lead

  • where you are from- India

  • your experience- 10 Years

  • what kind of availability you can offer: 2 -3 hours overlap with your timezone

  • your financial expectations - $10/hour



Hi, Yii developer from Poland with several years of expierience here.

Is this offer still open?