logo proposal, yii brand

Iam not sure if 'new logo / new website' topic is still open for discussion, if yes - here is my proposal.

First, yii is a very good product, elegant and simple - for me this is most important when it comes to solution that will act as a base for my business (apps, sites, whatever). Speed, efficiency and extensibility are also not trivial but they're results of good design, and good design when it comes to frameworks is always about simplicity and elegance.

I think that's yii's USP (Unique Selling Proposal) and it's brand should be created around it. I prepared some drafts of logo based on this foundation, in my opinion yii needs one strong simple (without decorations) symbol that will reflect it's nature.

2 more

Top one is excellent, second one is second best. nice work!  :)

glad that you like it :)

Based on the above, a smiling or a winky. Concept only.

Strongly prefer No.1. Very elegant.

Indeed, number 1 is simple and elegant.

No 1, it’s simple and yii to remember.

Great design!

I prefer 1st too.

funny thing is that no.1 was created first, and everything else is a variation, but i have to agree with all of you, no.1 is propably best suited for yii (but black one is more original).

Nº 1. I'm not a designer, but a ligthblue like the actual?

not necessary :) i’ll make a second iteration with no.1 as a base but first i would like to get more feedback on this proposal.

I like the first proposal, but the colour is like Eclipse-based project. The second (black) is unique.

Hey, i have a proposal too. What do you think about it?

I think that we should keep the blue theme, and maybe spice it up a bit.

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@buritica: Wow! I like these! I would choose yf17-a-[blue|aqua|black]

i think jannki's concept is awesome. i mean a big Y and four dots. but i also think that we can try this concept with a very large set of color palettes, so we find the most perfect one. i liked the proposed colors in general, but in each of them, it's like, something is missing. the very top one reminds me Yahoo, which I think is not a good choice…