Logo in the pageTitle

Hi… How can i insert a logo in the pageTitle…

I have my config/main.php like that…

return array(


	'name'=>'Riversoft STCP OFTP Web Admin',

and my views/site/index.php

<?php $this->pageTitle=Yii::app()->name; ?>

<h1>Bem vindo ao <i><?php echo CHtml::encode(Yii::app()->name); ?></i></h1>

and i need insert one logo (riversoft.jpg) into the title… like Yii logo in the page http://www.yiiframework.com

how can i do this?

I resolved by my self… you have to change de views/layouts


Still one problem…

if i insert a image into the header like:

<div id="header">

              <div id="logo"><?php echo "<img src=\"images/riverlogo.jpg\">"; ?></div>

	</div><!-- header -->

it shows ok when i opennn the site first time, however, when i access another page like login page, the logo just disappear as .jpg, but as a text works fine…

how can i fix it?

helmp me guys

Put a "/" in front of your image.


Worked thanks…