why if i change class UserIdentity with this:

 private $_id;


    public function getId() {

            return $this->_id;


the login with admin/ admin doesnt work?

Did you remove the authenticate() method?

no i did not.

What is the error?

No error.Simply doesnt do the login stays on the the same login page.If i remove the private variable it works.Try with a new created project.

What i did find is that if i change the variable name it works,what i not understand is why?

The UserIdentity class extends CUserIdentity, a class that implements the interface IUserIdentity that has a method getId().

Originally this method return the username, if you redefine the method, you have to set this value in the login process, since this is the value used to uniquely identify the user session.

More information:


Thanks a lot for your explanation

You’re welcome. Are you from Brazil or speech portuguese, right? Why didn´t you post in the portuguese language forum?

Por nada. Você é brasileiro ou fala português, certo? Por que não postou no fórum em português?

Hi community of open source programmers.

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