Login using model sitting in a module

Hi everyone, I’m really new to yii and I’m stuck. Basically I have a user management module (called userManagement) within which is the User model which I’m trying to use for user authentication via a database relation ‘user’. However the I’m using email/password instead of username/password and I’m hashing the password (md5). However each time I attempt login I get the ‘invalid email address or password error’. (believe me I’ve checked the credentials and I’m entering them right)

I’ve attached my LoginForm.php, UserIdentity.php and User model class. Help Anyone??

I didn’t take a look at the code.

But what’s about debugging the login process step by step?

I should be easy to find out whats wrong…


try to overwrite the default CUserIdentity constructor - because the CUserIdentity constructor save the first parameter (email/username) to the $username instead of $email:

class UserIdentity extends CUserIdentity


  private $_id;

  public $email;

  public function __construct($email,$password)







This worked!!! Thanks :)