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I have created an account in forum section, my user’s ignis55 and I cant login to website yiiframework.com with my account for review submition.

Are there problems with data sync ?

1 forum post is required - so you should be able to login now ;)

nice :D tnx ;)

Has the number of required posts increased, since I’m unable to login as well?

In the meantime a new site has been lunched, so the requirements are different… do you get any message when trying to post?

As requested on the login page, I’m using my forum credentials to try and login in.

After clicking the Login-button I get the message ‘The verification code is incorrect.’

Which is quite possible since there is none presented at the initial login page.

But after retrying with the verification code entered I get the ‘Incorrect username or password.’ message.

I’ve verified the credentials and they are correct since I can use them to log in here at the forum.

Any ideas?

I just checked the requirements for posting a comment or adding an extension on the new site:

  • At least 3 days registered

  • At least 2 forum posts

Maybe we should add these 2 requirements to the error messages, for now it just says "Sorry, you are too new […]".

@ mrwallace

You tried to login with your email? You have to use your username it looks like.

// By the way, the captcha code shows up after 3 failed login attempts.

This has nothing to do with the number of posts…

As it says incorect username or password… it’s possible that you changed your forum username… on the site use the initial one used to register on the forum

It says to post on the forum in the meantime… I think that the requirements are not written in the message on purpose…

I tried both, e-mail and forum login. Both had the same results and I seem to meet the requirements to login.

Any other ideas?

Well yes, I just figured this topic is very old :D But I think it’s fine to note requirements because then the asking about it will stop. Hiding the requirements is in the end just a security by obscurity concept. We can’t get rid of the spammers anyway. If a spammer posts 2 forum messages (which are mostly easy to detect as spam), his account is gone before he can post anything on the frontpage I’m sure.

No sorry. Try it one more time with username/email and password just to make sure, if it still doesn’t work, please send user qiang a private message, so he can check out what’s the problem with your account.

Still no joy. I’ve send qiang a message as suggested.

Thanks for your help in the matter.

hi, mrwallace, could you login now?(I think so, it was almost 1 year past:) ), I met the same problem, hope you can help me

The problem was my password. Certain special characters are escaped and will make logging in to the site impossible. Try changing your password.

Good luck.