Login Porlet On The Sidebar


I need to create a login porlet on the sidebar. So I think I must create a widget and put it in column2.php. The porlet like this:



The thing is we must collect information from a form then validate against a database table, so we must create a model and controller. I’ve looked at CWidget. The API document says: [i]CWidget is the base class for widgets. A widget is a self-contained component that may generate presentation based on model data. It can be viewed as a micro-controller that embeds into the controller-managed views.

[/i]CInputWidget says: CInputWidget is the base class for widgets that collect user inputs. . So I’m confusing. Which one is for me and how to use it. By the way when we use CWidget and when we must you CInputWidget?

Thank you for reading.



In my opinion, it’s simplier to use CWidget in this case. CInputWidget usually used for jQuery UI related widgets - see its subclasses.