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Hello Everyone !

I’m a newbee to Yii but willing to learn it, I got both of published books and went through them but still can’t accomplish what I need, can you help me please ?

Site that I’m creating is something like members area in a whole, so nothing of content is displayed before someone log in. After log in, it should be done against MySQL, and pulling user role from DB, it has to redirect to content that specific user can see.

index.php->Login->(success login,user role)->(dir)admin(admin controllers)

                                         (dir)member(member controllers)

I would like to separate role folders and according to role to redirect user to it.

ex: mysite.com/admin/controllerID1/actionIndex

I’ll appreciate any help.

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I think you need to create different modules. When you create a module, you also create a folder that contains all controllers, models and views in a specific folder. The structure of a module is the same of an yii application. It permit you to separate logical module of your app by folders.

Thanks sensorario.

You have given helpful information.

Thanks sensorario. But what about the naming pattern of different modules.


Suppose to create modules for manage comments, resize image, …:

  • [size=2]StefansalvatoreComment[/size]

  • [size=2]StefansalvatoreImageResizer[/size]