Login Issue

Hi Everyone,

My project is running perfect on hostgator hosting but I am having a login issue when I try to run the same project on Netfirms hosting.

When I try to login, it redirects me back to login screen, I believe there is some issue with access rules or session on this hosting. (I am not sure about exact issue)

I asked from hosting and they are saying they do not support yii framework but I believe yii is php based framework and it should run on every php based hosting.

Can anyone tell me is there any way to make it work ?

yii is php so it should not be a problem if you they support php 5.1+ could be session settings just find out about the session settings

I am having the same issue with Dot5 Hosting. When I login with the incorrect username/password combination, I get the expected error. When the username and password are correct, I am redirected to the home page and I am not logged in. I ran the yii/requirements/index.php on the server and it passed other than a warning on the SOAP extension. I’m not sure what the issue is. The support has no idea what yii is, when I asked about it before I uploaded they thought it was something like Dreamweaver, a site building program not pure php code.

Good luck with getting your problem resolved.