Login Issue In Facebook Share

Hello friends, I am stuck in a problem.

I have a Yii shopping cart only for registered users. I have added a facebook share button in it.

But when I am sharing any product, I am not able to get the product image or any details.

Instead I am getting the details from the login page.

I have checked the link in the facebook debug tool(//developers.facebook.com/tools/debug).

It show


[*]Fetched URL as original URL(URL for sharing and for fetching the contents)

[*]Canonical URL as <Site_URL>/user/login


Seems like the product page is checked but was redirected to the login page from where the details like

og:url, og:type, og:title, og:image etc are called from the login page.

Is there any method to keep the authentication and allow the facebook to share the details?

I think the problem can be solved within the Yii coding itself.

The screen shot is attached within.

Thanking you in advance.