Login Form

hi everybody! can u help for creating a simple login form!!!!

Simple login form is included into webapp generated by ‘yiic webapp’.

Did you already install Yii framework? If yes, you should see the default login form. It comes with the setup by default.

dear all masters,

I just learned Yii for about a week. So please help me, this is the scenario:

I want to make another login form that can check the user status (active user should have the status value of 1, and inactive is 0) and also it should have it own table in database like this one–> user (id_user, username, password, lastlogintime, lastloginfrom, status) which is means that it have to record the lastlogintime and lastloginfrom.

So the question is, how to make a login form that can record lastlogintime and lastloginfrom, which also able to check the user status?

For the table you specified, create the model, controller, view everything that you need. You can use gii for the purpose. It would do all the things. Since you need to record lastlogintime and lastloginfrom, update these values each time the user login. In controller, before you save the model, assign values to these variables, and it should work.

thanks a lot :)) I did it already