Login Form Status

I have one doubt about the yii::app()->user->isGuest or not.

In that functionality

if user is guest , it redirects the login page

if user not a guest ,it redirects the user’s main page

I want to know these two conditions only available in yii frame work or any other property had the yii?

In my condition,

user have 3 registration page,after he completed the 3 reg page he allow to login the page.otherwise he is a guest. if the user suddenly closed the 2 registration page means ,how to i redirect the second page corresponding user when the again came to the same page.

plz anyone know help me :(

1 - Login Status


  // redirect to login


 // redirect to dashboard


Use Staging or steps for the registration form and store information is user cookies or use the Yii Session to store it and get it when user back.

Third option is to store registration data in a database table by IP and access it back when user from the same IP is get back.


Thank u frd,

Any session management link send to me i don’t know how to use it.And where it is use plz help me.