Login Form in Popup

I want someone to click on a link and open a lightbox popup where the login form will be available alongwith a register button.

I will be designing the form layout as per my requirements.

How will I get the yii login form alongwith my register button to show in a popup

you could use jQuery ui Dialog

more information: jQuery Ui Dialog

Yii don’t limit you on javascript usage… You can do it like you normally would…

I have tried a simple pop up showing a div, I can get the div open and centered but I am having problem showing the login form.

Any Ideas?

How would I get whatever shows on the following url in a div which will popup through jquery and then show the output


I am using the yiiuser extension and would like to show its login form in the popup

Also my javascript is conflicting on just one page where I have shown a jui date picker.

How can I have bot of them without conflicting?

Any ideas?


I have managed to remove the date and place a simple date instead of it now what i have done is I have placed a div with all the elements of login form but I am not getting it validated. Whnever there is an error the dialog closes and I am taken to the user/login page

Any Ideas?