Login Form in index

I’m just new to yii, how do you put a login form in the index.php view? It goes this way,

there should be a login form in the home page of my application.

put login file code in index file ( in views ),

copy and paste actionLogin function in actionIndex function ( in SiteController ).

I also seriously recommend going through the yii blog for starters and that you constantly refer to the demo blog.

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Thank you for the response, i tried this but i got an error Undefined variable: model in index file.

Check if you pass the $model variable (or whatever name it has) from your actionIndex to the render() method.

posting your code will get you quicker solution

simplest way :

1- create new yii application. (yiic webapp myapp)

2- in SiteController.php class add this new propriety:

public $defaultAction = 'login';

this works.thank you so much. :)

how do you redirect to the original index or any page once logged in?

in actionLogin()





thank you very much.