Login Explained In Demo Not Working

I am a very very new to Yii framework and started to learn after knowing its popularity.

I have downloaded Yii version of Yii framework. I have followed the Basic Guide to Blog Application. But I am not able to login to system using username:demo and password:demo. Even the tutorial has different code than bundled with Framework from site.

I have followed instructions to This Steps

Kindle help me out.

Have you make a new table for user login?If not ,your authentication code in userIdendity,should be


		// username => password




than,you will be able to login.

If you have make a user table,go to gii ,make a model & crud of it,than in model make changes as per your link.Means add methods.In this case,validation will be made from your user table,so you will not able to login with basic demo=>demo.You have to login with values of username and password in your user table.