Login by mobile number & OTA



I need to know if there is away to login via mobile number and OTA pin code, that for mobile app, so user doesn’t need to re-enter his credentials again.


(Andrzej Bernat) #2

Of course, just you have to implement it. Yii2 does not stop you to go ahead with implementation.

(Stefano Mtangoo) #3

Sounds like it is recipe for Oauth2. There are many Oauth2 server libraries that are Yii2 specific


Solved it … after the user posts his mobile, the system will verify & validate it, if all ok then it will send the OTP that valid for x time, and once the user posts the OTP the system will generate a new access_token to the app, and the app will store it. With each request will attach the access token, and it will be validated it.

I never used the Oauth2, II could not understand it :) … I found writing my own code is easier ^^

(Softark) #5

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