Logging File not Found

In my log categories I included






When my app generates an execption on a missing asset


Class '\frontend\themes\my_theme\assets\MainAsset' not found

The error is generated in my private vendor component

 in /var/www/html/ds_dev/src/vendor/me/yii2-common/components/Application.php

then this is not logged…

Other errors and exceptions are logged.

When I include


in the categories, I have many lines, but still not this file not found exception

What am I missing here so that I can log this error ?

p.s there is noting in the exept block of the logging

Even when I throw a php exception:

throw new \Exception("some error");

This does not show up in my database… how to log these too ?

BAsically I would like all my errors (also warnings and notices and exepttions, missing files) from php to show in my log