Logging application information

Hi there,

I want to log my application queries and some other information into specified files at specified location

I would like to have different files for different modules and in the file I can log sql queries, debug msg etc.

As my application is web application and i want to use CFileLogRoute for logging i get something like this ->

My Controller name is TestController and in that controller there is an action with name update and Code is like this

   $logger = new CFileLogRoute;    



   Yii::log("This is login History", "info", "application"); 


But it’s not working for me.

I want string "This is is Login History" should go into testLogger.log file which is in "/home/Workspace/Logger/" directory

Thank you!

try to add next code to "components" section of your main.php (configuration):






				'levels'=>'trace warning error info profile',






and then specify "categories" section of your CFileLogRoute (+check documentation)