log in as another user


Is there an easy way to log in as another user, without need to know the password, for technical support.

I am the Administrator user, I have access to all the php files and to the database too.

Thank you

U will have to make custom procedure in order to emulate other user, but it’s possible and should not take much time.


make a method which should be accessible only to ‘Administrator’ user, where he can select which user to emulate and collect his data (username/password). U should log out as Administrator and login as selected user. If U want to change anything on or for this user account, U should think about making some kind of flag so U could know (in future) if any change is made by real user or Administrator

Thank you for your response, but because I am not very advanced,still, this sounds complicated for me. :)

can you please give a hint, code wise?

thank you

Show your action login as well as your function validating correct username/passwords for more help. Also, do you have different roles for different users if so what are they? There are ton’s of ways to do this.