Log extra information

Hi there guys.

I recently enabled the CEmailLogRoute on the application I’ve been developing (a multi-site CMS) as a result of some reported errors. The system is in use, but not heavily yet so performance isn’t a massive issue. I have, however, been paying a lot closer attention to the logging as a result. I noticed we’re getting a bunch of 404ing on resources and the odd page… Now, the error messages in place tell me what page was accessed, but it struck me that the Referrer URL could be used to help me identify what page contains the bad reference, and that this information might have been useful when tacking issues in the past (sometimes the path the user followed to get to the page is where the real error was), so I’d quite like to set it up for debugging issues in the future.

So… The problem? I can’t figure out how to change what information is logged. Ideally I’d be able add this information to the email I’m sent when an error is thrown. Any ideas?


You can configure a CLogFilter for your CEmailLogRoute:



Read here for details: