Log All User Activities With Rollback Option


Can anybody share your experience / ideas for implementing the features / functions to log all user activities with rollback actions?

not knowing what exactly you wanna log, there is wiki article on logging activerecord changes that might help you understand the concept how is it implemented in Yii



Thank you for the reference URL. I referred that article when I started to analyze about this feature. The article covered only logging the activities such as insert, update and delete. I want this logic with rollback.

For example:

An web application which is developed in Yii framework with the features such as user management, customer management, product management and etc. Each feature developed as modules. Administrator who is having all the privileges and providing less privileges to the sub administrators of the application for managing customers and products. For this case, I need to log the activities of the sub administrators when they are doing add/modify/delete the customers or products with all its field wise changes. Also I need "ROLLBACK" option i.e to get back the previous data of a modified record.

Please share your ideas on Rollback of a record.