Localization - show differnt languages at time

In the Russian discusion board there was a question about localization. That guy has 3 languages website and wanted to display the same message, but in different languages on the same page. For example - lables for the form fields.

I couldn't propose correct solution and he modified the framework classes. Here is how it's done:http://www.yiiframework.com/forum/index.php/topic,919.msg5184.html#msg5184 (comments are russian, but code should be clear for all)

Ay ideas how this could be done in a smarter way?

I think his request is reasonable, but he should not modify the framework code. Otherwise he would have trouble when upgrading framework.

Could you please create a ticket for this feature? Thanks.

Yes, I warned him, but he has to finish the project asap and this is the est way. Anyway, I think he'll fix issues when upgrading.

Actually, I have checked in the fix. So no need for the ticket. Thanks.

$htm->_nameEN = Yii::app()->messages->translate('admin.label','Name','en_us');

$htm->_nameRU = Yii::app()->messages->translate('admin.label','Name','ru_ru');

$htm->_nameES = Yii::app()->messages->translate('admin.label','Name','es_es');