localhost:81 port problem

hello everyone… I need helpp. I installde yii framework under wamp… and from there made

[font="Tahoma"]yiic.bat webapp c:: blablalbla/testapp [/font]after that when openin from browser it shows like this

[font="Arial Black"] localhost:81/testapp[/font] I controlled my httpd.conf no problem there

Listen 80

ServerName localhost:80 is by default…

how can I fix this problem…

by the way I installed (but not working (and not active) ) bitnami wapp…

is there any function or variable where yii framework sets its port as 81…???

is there anyone ???

If you continue like this you will get banned.

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To answer your question: it has absolutely nothing to do with Yii.

It’s a web server configuration issue.

I’m curious about what you did, but I don’t have a Windows installation at hand in order to reproduce it. Please show us the content of the start script index.php generated with the command yiic webapp c:/blablabla/testapp.


I started up a Windows box and did some testing. So yiic has no problem to handle arbitrary paths on the same or other volumes. You didn’t tell us the location of your Yii installation. Assuming e.g. it’s on a different volume, perhaps you configured a virtual server on port 81 or something else (a second web server product, “bitnami”, …).