Local-based Yii programmers (Bay Area in the US)


It’s pretty apparent that the job market is hot for talent right now in this ridiculous bubble we have: I remember getting a request for $125000/yr as an application!

Needless to say, as a boot-strapped start up looking to build a team, this has resulted in me brushing off my CS degree knowledge, and actually doing development work itself, rather than business development. While this has been a rewarding experience for my skill-set, this is not a practical way of doing things.

In their book, “Rework”, the authors stress the need to hire when you physically cannot do the work required without extra help. I don’t need help, I need to build my own seal team six.


I am currently developing a prototype for a social-recommendation service that behaves in a way unique amongst competitors, and I am actively looking for interested Yii programmers to join my team, located around the Bay Area of California, in the United States. This prototype is being worked on by myself, but it will need more experienced developers to fine-tune the model (unit-testing, more efficient data structures, possible caching, scalability, etc) to handle bigger user sets.

Once this prototype is completed, then it’s off to shop to angel investor after angel investor, all the while letting users try the site. While I’m fending off hungry investors trying to control this baby company, I’m going to need talented and hard-working developers, who want initial equity/some cash payment into a new company that will make them rich.

I need a couple of developers versed in Yii, mobile application development, recommendation engines, scalability, social-networking development, and UI development (not required) in order to polish off the site.

I only need a core: 2, maybe 3 dedicated developers. Please send me a message via my profile, so that we can get this ball-rolling: I have here an opportunity, and am looking to build a core team

Thank you for your consideration,