Load Testing Web Application

Hi all,

I have a web application which I would like to load/stress test in order to identify areas of the PHP/MySQL code that could be optimized. I am starting to learn JMeter but am not sure how useful this will be, given that the testing is currently being done on the localhost. When we go live with the site it will be through a hosting company, so server performance will obviously be a lot better. Are there any useful Yii tools to check my code for performance bottlenecks? Also, will JMeter be able to help me in finding these?

Thanks in advance.

I’m not using JMeter for load/stress testing but any tool should be enough to give you some perspective. In general, you want to use such tools to see how the server will perform under load - not really your application.

Good way to start profiling your application is to examine the first byte response time. Then use tools like xdebug profiler, NewRelic, hxprof… to see what exactly your application did and how long it took to do something.

Other than that - in Yii you can turn on the database profiler and see how many queries per each page your application is making and try and see if those queries/tables/db are optimized for performance.

Load testing is the process of demanding and putting presser on the system or measuring its response. Load testing is performed to determine a systems behavior under both normal and anticipated peak load conditions.

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