load a Model information from a Controller

Hi, i'm in the controller of a model and in this controller I want to load the information of another model passing it the specific id in the db.

How can I do this?

Make me an example please with a model name :)

in the ModelAController you can call

ModelB::model()->findByPk($id) // OR any method of ModelB

Ah ok so I can't call a method of ModelBController.php ?

Couse the loadModelB($id=null) is in ModelBController.php :)

So I have to copy it in the ModelBController or just use the part of code tha I need, isn't it?

Ok maybe I'm saying a stupid thing…

But I think that I can use $modelBobj = new ModelB($_GET['id']);

Like in every OOP language as costructor… Am I right?

You can still call a method of a different controller (as long as you include class file first). However, in this case, it is better to abstract the shared code out and save them in a separate class (or in the model class).