Lms Using Yii Framework

(Iffets 07) #1

hey! So I’m quite new to Yii. I chose Yii to develop a LMS (Learning Management System) with basic features of posting lessons, downloads/uploads resources / posting announcement / user groups / different access levels. So far I haven’t heard any LMS made out of Yii framework. I’m still groping on how to specifically achieve my goal. But I do hope that Yii community would be glad to help me. Once this is done this will be a great showcase for the whole power of Yii. BUT here comes the caveat. Being a less experienced Yii user, I would like to ask advance Yii developers if it is possible to create LMS with Yii framework?

(Daniel Lang) #2

If it’s possible with PHP, it’s possible with Yii. Yii (Frameworks in general) is an aid not a restriction.