Listview Scroll Pager In Modal Problem


I am using listview pager with

It works as expected when called in a view, but not when called in a modal.

It also works as expected in the modal if i do NOT use the custom kop pager option.

Config as follows…

view with modal and listview -> listiview calls second listview -> second listview has the view which calls the modal from first view.



    'id' => 'editQuestionModal',

    'header' => 'Edit Question',

    'options' => [

        // 'style' => 'width:700px;',


    // 'size' => 'width:700px;'


echo "<div id='editContent'></div>";



I have a click function to open the modal with ajax request

$.post("/files/render-select", "id='.$model->id.'&media_type=1", function(data) {



The render is successful but only the first 8 images are shown in the list and there is no option for more. The click for more does not show and when inspecting the code there seems to be a missing line when using the modal.

Without the modal and it works…5768


But with modal does not work…5769


Does anyone have any ideas? Something look at in order to start troubleshooting?